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#1 The Old Man and the Radio

An old man in his pajamas leans over the arm of his easy chair adjusting the dial on a small radio. Sports blurs into classic rock which jolts into pop music then dissipates into static. Round and round the dial he searches. He mutters and sighs to himself. The room is very dimly lit. His bare toes nestle in the thick carpeting. His wife appears in the entry behind him in her house dress. "Gus. Gus! Choose a station and stick with it, will you?"

The old man groans as he settles himself back into his chair. A faint static trickles from the two small speakers. "I can't find anything. I just wanted to hear something familiar, but these DJs have messed all the formats up."

"The other day Cindy was telling me that these stations just use computers to play music so they can save money."

"What are you cooking in there?"

"If you don't know that smell by now, then you never will, Gus. Now, why don't you be sensible and put a record on if you want to hear something familiar?"

The old man sighs. "Ah, never mind. I'll just sit here and think."

His wife shrugs and disappears through the entry.